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Mortgage calculator

Calculator for a Spanish mortgage

The below calculator for a Spanish mortgage gives you an indication of your monthly mortgage payments. We must emphasize that this is just an indication. Your actual mortgage depends on many different factors, such as the Euribor and the bank you choose. If you click here, you can read more about mortgages in Spain. We recommend you to have a calculation made by an independent mortgage advisor, so you know exactly where you stand and what exactly applies to your situation. Of course, we will gladly bring you in contact with a mortgage advisor.

Good to know: in Spain the mortgage interest is linked to the ‘Euribor’. Euribor stands for ‘Euro Interbank Offered Rate’ and is as it were the interest rate the bank pays to get money. You will often see ads saying Euribor +0.5% or Euribor +0.99%. This means that the bank charges the Euribor interest rate increased with in this case 0.5% or 0.99%. This surcharge together with a cost compensation are profit for the bank. You can view the latest 12-month Euribor interest here. There are Euribor interest rates with different maturities (from 1 week to 12 months) and the surcharge of the bank often depends on how many other products (such as insurances) you buyfrom them. In the calculation we use an interest rate of 4% as default, with which we take additional costs into account. You can of course change the interest rate in the calculator.

Good to know: the costs of buying property amount to approximately 12% in Spain. These costs include notary and attorney fees, but a large part of this amount also consists of transfer tax. Here you can read which other costs you pay when buying property in Spain. To calculate your mortgage, you can increase the purchase price by 12%. If you then enter the result below, you get an indication of your mortgage payments.