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Obtaining a residence permit in Spain by buying a house

Obtaining a residence permit in Spain by buying a house

Do you live outside the European Union and would you like to obtain a residence permit to live and work in Spain? Then the Spanish law called the ‘Ley de Apoyo a los Emprendedores y su Internacionalización’ may offer you a solution. The law ‘to support entrepreneurs and their internationalization’ is commonly known as the Golden Visa and was introduced in Spain to attract investors from outside the European Union (for example from Morocco, India, Bangladesh, Angola, Kenya but also countries like the US, Canada and Russia). This page will tell you more about obtaining a residence permit in Spain by buying a house in Spain.

Residence permit in Spain to live, work and travel

Once you have a residence permit in Spain you can live and work in Spain during the validity of the permit. Additionally you can travel freely and without a visa to countries within the Schengen area. You can also get additional permits for your spouse and children, who can then go to a state school in Spain. This means you can not only stay in Spain – you can start a completely new life with your family.

Residence permit in Spain by buying a house

The first and most important step to obtain a residence permit is to buy a property worth € 500,000 or more in Spain. This purchase may be done in person but it can also be arranged via a power of attorney before a notary or even through a Spanish consulate or embassy anywhere in the world. In theory you could therefore buy property without ever even visiting Spain. In order to apply for the residence permit, you do have to visit Spain. You can do this once the property has been acquired. The residence permit then lasts 2 years and is renewable indefinitely every 5 years.

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What kind of property?

Any type of property investment is valid, meaning you can buy commercial property, residential property or land. You can rent it out if you wish and sell it again whenever you want but you do have to re-invest the € 500,000 in another Spanish property if you want to keep your residence permit.

We can help you apply for a residence permit in Spain

We can put you in contact with an expert lawyer who can tell you everything you need to know about obtaining a residence permit in Spain by buying property. You can of course also read the articles below if you first want more information. Do you want to look for property? Then use our database to search for property in a price range from € 500,000 and more. If you need assistance you can also fill in our search form.

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