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Buying a house in Malaga? 7 useful tips!

Buying a house in Malaga? 7 useful tips!

Malaga (located on the Costa del Sol) is both a city and a province of the future. Malaga offers all the conveniences of a big city but with the comfort, atmosphere and compactness of a village – especially in the beautiful historic centre. The town is beautifully situated on the Mediterranean coast with a major airport just a fifteen minute drive away. Are you considering buying a house in Malaga or any of the surrounding towns? Then read these 7 tips!

Malaga is booming – both city and province

Malaga, the birthplace of Picasso, is rapidly becoming more popular. The city has a large port, is located centrally in the road network and offers countless shops, cultural attractions, bars and restaurants. In addition, not only the city but the entire province of Malaga offers a perfect living environment all year round.

Buying a house in Malaga? 7 useful tips!

Tip 1. Do not wait too long. The Spanish housing market is still a buyer’s market, but that is rapidly changing – especially in and around cities that are as sought after as Malaga. So do not wait too long when considering buying a house in Malaga. Prices are rising in the entire province of Malaga and the supply is already getting less.

Tip 2. Prepare. Do you need a mortgage? Then ask your bank how much you can borrow in advance and make sure you are aware of all costs (buying a house in Malaga means that you pay 12% costs just to buy the property).

Tip3. Choose a suitable location. Do you want easy parking for your car? Do you want to use your home just for yourself or do you want to rent it out? Do you want the beach within walking distance? In short, what is important to you? Begin with answering that question – and then look for a matching location. That can be Malaga, but maybe villages such as Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Mijas or the famous Marbella offer better opportunities. Make sure you see enough houses and have enough choices to get a good picture of all your possibilities.

Tip 4. Choose the type of property. Think carefully about how often you’ll be in Malaga. A villa looks fantastic but also requires a lot of maintenance. An apartment is much easier and you simply have to close the door behind you when you go back to your home country. In short, will it be an apartment, penthouse, townhouse or villa? When it comes to buying a house in Malaga there is enough choice.

Tip 5. Let a professional guide you when you are buying a house in Malaga. If you buy property via an estate agent, you pay nothing for his advice and guidance (the seller pays the agency fees). The advantage of an estate agent is that he can perform a property search for you, so you can see a lot of different options.

Tip 6. Always use a lawyer. Always! He verifies that the property is legally in order and that all bills have been paid by the previous owner (for water, mortgage, the owners association and electricity for example). If not, you will often end up paying those bills.

Tip 7. Enjoy! Buying a house in Malaga should be an enjoyable experience. There is a lot involved, but with good preparation and good support and guidance you can be sure that the entire process will run smoothly.

Buying a house in Malaga


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