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Estepona property and living

Estepona property and living

Estepona is a town in the Spanish province of Málaga and is situated on the sunny Costa del Sol in the famous Andalusia region. The municipality covers an area of over 137 square kilometres and is situated 25 kilometres from Marbella. Estepona has more than 63,000 inhabitants and is one of the few towns on the Costa del Sol which has retained the charming character of a fishing village. Along the 20 kilometres long coastline of Estepona numerous luxury beach clubs can be found, such as Puro Beach (see photo), Sonora Beach and Heaven Beach. The village is not only a popular holiday destination, but also a perfect location for a (second) home.

Estepona climate

Estepona has a Mediterranean climate and is protected by the Sierra Bermeja mountain. This means there is little rainfall in Estepona and the sun shines 300 days a year. Winters are warmer and softer than in other places in Spain and summers are pleasantly hot and dry. In the summer you can enjoy long, warm summer evenings. Autumn and spring too are very pleasant with average temperatures between 18 and 23 degrees. Winters are mild with plenty of sunshine and little rain.

Square In Estepona

About Estepona

The village has a beautiful harbour and an authentic old town centre. It is therefore the perfect place to enjoy the sun, beautiful beaches (Estepona even has two EC Blue Flag beaches) and the many other delights of Spain. The white walled village has narrow streets leading to quaint shops and picturesque squares (see picture) – perfect spots to enjoy a cup of coffee on one of the many terraces. Additionally Estepona has many luxury beach clubs. The marina offers many modern sports facilities and the bustling fishing port holds daily auctions of different seafoods that serve as stock for many local bars, tapas bars and restaurants serving traditional Spanish cuisine. Nature and wildlife too are close by. The Sierra Bermeja mountain, which lies behind the village and is characteristic to the Costa del Sol, offers a beautiful area where various wild animals can be spotted.

Sights in Estepona

The precise origin of Estepona is not entirely clear. One possibility is that it was originally a Celtic settlement, dedicated to the goddess Epona. Later the Romans named it epona Est. Others say it comes from the Arab ‘Estebbuna’, after the fortress named al-Estebbuna. One thing that ís clear: there is lots to do nowadays!

  • On the Plaza de San Francisco you will find the eighteenth century church Virgin Los Remedios. This church was formerly a Franciscan convent.
  • Torre del Reloj is a tall clock tower from the 15th century which was fully restored in the 19th century. Every Thursday a tour of Estepona is organized here. The tour starts at the oficina de turismo (tourist office).
  • The Plaza de Toros is located on the outskirts of the village and offers four museums. In one of the museums you can see an interesting collection about the history of bullfighting. The other museums are the Palaeontology Museum, the Archaeological Museum and the Ethnological Museum.
  • At the Casa de la Cultura on the Plaza de las Flores you can enjoy temporary exhibitions of paintings and sculptures.
  • Many exhibitions are on display at the Palacio de Congresos y Expositiones de Estepona.


Property in Estepona

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